Who are we ?

The SEM is a national mutual health insurance provider which specializes in health coverage for foreign students. It has been in existence for over 30 years. The SEM is a member of the UMGP (Union mutualiste générale de prévoyance or General mutual provident grouping, a union of mutual health insurance providers which, over past 40 years, has managed the Social security of over 300,000 members and of which the SMEREP (student health insurance) is a member.


The SEM is a non-profit mutual health insurance provider based on a simple concept: together we are stronger. A common fund is used to support the healthcare expenses of each member. A further example of solidarity is the Mutual Assistance Fund: when a member is confronted with unexpected healthcare expenses which he or she is unable to pay for, this fund can take care of them.


The students elected among you decide on the management of the collected funds. They attribute the aid and choose the actions which the SEM has a duty to carry out, according to the Code de la Mutualité or Mutual Insurance System Code, in order to promote the improvement of living conditions, cultural development and protection of students.

The SEM is involved in student life and supports the projects and initiatives of numerous student associations.
The SEM is also a reflection of your expectations, your way of life and defends your interests when they are at stake.